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Our welded palisade fencing products range from conventional angle iron systems to a variety of tubular, decorative and high security systems.

The angle iron palisade systems can be designed to suite both free-standing contour following systems or factory welded panel systems which can be utilised between brick pillars on wall top sections.

We offer a wide range of the above and have various designs suitable for light, medium and heavy duty applications as well as offering fences from 1m high up to 3m high.

Our tubular welded and decorative ranges can be designed to meet any site requirements. We offer a full design and costing service to assist clients with their needs

Fencing Materials cc has pioneered several systems in both the angle iron and tubular palisade fences over the last 20 years.



Welded Palisade Range

  • Free-standing angle iron palisade fences
  • Panel welded angle iron palisade fences.
  • Galvanised welded angle iron palisade fences
  • Wall to welded palisade fences
  • Bowed tubular palisade fences
  • Slanted tubular palisade fences
  • Bolted tubular palisade fences
  • High security palisade fences
  • Custom designed tubular and angle iron systems

Finishes Available

Mild Steel - Primed and Painted